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Divorce Affair

Meet three different women Cyril Ramaphosa has dated, Number 2 will shake you

Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa, has a long history. In his old age, Ramaphosa had been married for many years, although he had been married for many years. Ramaposa married two different wives before he had an affair with his current wife, Tshepo Motsepe, and finally decided to marry Shepo Motepe.

 A.D. In 1970, President Ramaphosa fell in love with a woman named Ramaphosa, and they had a son, Andille Ramaphosa, who was born in 1981. Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out and they divorced in 1989. But even though they are not together now, Ramaphosa is still supporting her and her son.

 According to the sources, Ramaphosa fell in love with Teshepo Motepe in the late 80's after a divorce. In a relationship with Tshepo Motsepe in the early 90's, they had a son named Tumelo, but they separated. Ramaphosa survived and in 1992 he married another woman, Nomazizi Mloshiisa, and they had a beautiful daughter, Tulisa Ramaphosa. Unfortunately, Nomazizi died in 2007 from a long-term illness.

 After a failed marriage with Nomazizi, Ramaphosa returned with Tshepo Motsepe and finally tied the notes in a beautiful wedding in 1996. To this day, they happily marry and live together in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

 Ramaposa has three beautiful children with Tshepo Motsepe. The first was born Tumelo, the second was called Kinilwe, and the last was Mashudu Ramaphosa.

 Here are Ramaphosa's wives.

 1. Motesepe Pus

 2. The second hope is Ramaphosa.

 The third deceased was Nomazizi Mloshisa.

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