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MIA: Our ladies Conference was fabulous and fantastic


Mia and her companions had a great time together, which was also about hosting a great conference for them as women. It comes after men have had their own CONFERENCE before them, and they cannot be left behind.

Even though other people will have comments that you will find not relevant and positive to their agenda. Their agenda is not public, but surely it should be something helpful to their lifestyle. Other people, like MIA and her COMPANIONS, are preferably supportive when it comes to talking to each other in person.


Other people have their own conferences on various social media platforms. Whatever works for you, it should be the one which invites others to be part of the experience.

They are also having a different engagement when it comes to their appearance, promoting their own culture, which has a great influence on whatever lifestyle you find interesting. Their culture is not much and only with few items that describes their background in terms of culture on them. Culture meets the modern lifestyle.


Another thing you can't take away from them is their camera pose. They are always making sure that it is attention-grabbing, and for someone who was not part of it, would have loved to have been part of the experience.

They are also receiving a lot of positive response and appreciation for the conference.

Comments are as follows:

1. HUNADI M: She is describing the atmosphere as beautiful and it is indeed looking great.

2. TRIKBOY: Bravo to them, which simply means "GOOD."

3. TUBI confirms that they had a conference.

4. MOROKA: He assumed they were talking about them, and the following comment was just about laughing at his assumption.


While they had comments coming in for their experience, others would always be different and laughable when going through their responses. This year's Men's Conference has not occurred due to the restrictions, and theirs is only held in February.

It is getting interesting to see how people are living their lives in these current times.

Your thoughts?

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