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6 Things You Should Never Tell A Man

There are things you should never say to a man. If you want to avoid fights, envy, bubbling, upheaval, even trouble, the first step is to shut up. So, to keep yourself from making a full-fledged mixer or mistake, think about these six things you should never say to your partner.

1. Don't tell your man if his friend is handsome.

Most of the time, it's really important to avoid asking your man these kinds of questions because you won't be happy with the answer you get.

If he says no, you'll be pissed off because you don't believe him when he says no, and if he definitely says yes, you'll explode with rage.

2. Don't invite him on a second date.

It's your first date with someone who steals your attention. You had a fantastic time, but he hasn't said anything about another date in the meantime. Don't invite her on a second date. Allow him to tell you that he would be interested in having another date with you. Telling him that you are interested in another date will make him feel like you are too impatient to have another date.

3. Don't ask him how many people he has slept with in the past. Don't make a big deal out of everything that has happened in the past.

4. Don't belittle his zeal. Your man might be completely focused on a soccer game featuring his favorite team. He screams angrily and his actions surround him. At this point, the most seriously bad thing you'll likely do is say something bad about your team.

5. Don't ask him if you are overweight? A question that invariably leads to a fight. If he answers no, you think he's doing it to impress you. And if he says yes, he'll be in trouble because you won't be happy with him. snub those kinds of conversations with your partner.

6. My ex-boyfriend did the same. You should never make comparisons between your current lover and your ex-boyfriend. Talking kindly about an ex, whether precise or bad, shows that you are always thinking of them. I'm sure you would despise him if he was the one doing it.

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