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"Ladies don't be that please pick me up girl on a first date, Uber yourself" a lady suggests

Being independent is the best thing a lady can ever do to make sure the she never depends on anyone for anything. Even if the person you are dating decides to break things up with you, you won't have a problem moving on since you are an independent person. On first date most ladies want to be picked up at their places.

Even when it comes to paying bills, they want the other person to pay, without making any contributions. A lady recently shared on social media that "Ladies don't be that "please pick me up" girl on a first date aowa. Uber yourself or Drive or take a taxi even". One lady who got married to a gentleman also shared what type of a person her husband is.

"My husband lived about 70km single trip from me. When we'd have dates in my town he'd offer to pick me up. I had a car. He passed the date spot(town) to get to my house in Kasi. He said the date/quality time begins in the car on our way." what do you think of ladies who wants everything to be done for them by men? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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