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Crime Justice



Empty promise destroys the marriage all scene associate every portion of the story.

What a big surprise when his wife rejected him in front of colleagues. A woman named Chantelle was married to a man who is older than her, their marriage was in secret as she didn't like the appearance of the man named Peter, peter fall in love with this woman because he was so desperate to have children. As he was failing this process for many years he then met Chantelle at the park having a nice time with her pet, he then approached Chantelle and confronted her to go out to have dinner somewhere fence. by that time Chantelle was a little poor and couldn't afford many things at that age, Chantelle took this opportunity as a chance to control the man until she is finally stable with her financial and home situation, peter proposed to Chantelle with an expensive ring that day and Chantelle couldn't resist but behave as if she is surprised. we saw them after 6 months of pretending marriage Chantelle decided to make peter suffer from a heart attack at late night pub every day, Peter fall for that attack and end up being in hospital for many days, they covered and spend some days in the hotel without letting her wife know. during his discharge he noticed her wife have been around for many days in the hospital, he then let the cameraman put cameras in the house while Chantelle she is away, and it goes as planned, where he saw Chantelle with a handsome man. to cut the story Chantelle was dating that handsome man for ages, while their busy having a great time without the knowledge of getting caught in the camera, they end up talking about their mission to kill Peter cold-blooded, they planned all this together without knowing Peter got them on camera. the day after they went to the hospital but didn't find Peter they looked around but no sign of him. this made her a fraudster and got a call from the police station for questioning. As she was on the way she got a text from a handsome guy name steve, Steve said I'm in the restaurant and the cops keep asking some questions about the incident we did last year, which is stealing from the shop owner late at night. she got angry and switched off the phone as she was on the way, she then arrived and noticed someone looks like Peter as she come forward the police officers said you under arrest for attempted murder, shop breaking. she refused all this and also refused steve as his handsome guy. she then cried for peter not to do this, and Peter continued giving officers information about the woman's wrongdoings.

Finally, Peter came back to his normal life while Chantelle and steve face many trials. Peter learned to be patient for quite a while.

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