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He loves me, he loves me not?

It is always said, actions speak louder than words and how they he treats you is how he feels about you.

It's about time you trust your insticts and pay attention to how he carry himself when you are together. A person who is happily inlove with you won't make you doubt the love they have for you but the moment you begin to feel unloved, that's the first sign to question your relationship. People's preferences change time to time but it takes a special person to give and show love always . We tend to protect and take care of what we love regardless of the situation or difficulties one may encounter . Note well how he treats you on his good and difficult days, a person should not love you less just because they are having low mood due to some life circumstances. It's always easier to love a person who is supportive and willing to listen, emotionally available partner makes a relationship worthwhile. You feel free, accepted and comfortable around him? This may show how much he loves you because it's easier to be yourself with people who treat you good and loves you better.

Love should not only be about the butterflies in your stomach whenever you see him but the bond created amongst each that feels like forever, although forever ain't promised.

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