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How woman wants to be treated

Most women get into a relationship with the hope of having a better life. It’s not about money most of the time, it is about how you treat her. Make her feel like a queen, like there is no other lovable beautiful girl in this world other than her.

Sometimes you get in a relationship while you don’t have money. That should not worry you. There are things you can do without money. Woman love to be told that they are loved. They want to hear you say “I Love You", they want to be respected. They want to be listened to, they want attention and they love to be complimented. Woman are not the same but the above points applies to almost all of them. Get to know your person. Make sure you know what she likes. Just because your ex girlfriend used to love Bar one cake, it doesn’t mean that your current girlfriend will love it too. Maybe she loves chocolate , maybe she is lactose intolerant. You can take your woman to the park. Eat fruits and sweets, spend some time alone as lovers. Women loves to be pampered. Atleast once a month buy her something to eat, she will appreciate it.

To be on a safe side, avoid buying clothes for your women. Most of the time it backfires, you may not know her style. They love to see you in charge but it doesn’t mean that “abuse". Show affection in public but not too much affection. Try to calm down when there is a fight, she will be discouraged to fight you and you will have to sit down and talk in a calm manner. Do not treat her like a child, learn to control your temper. During an argument , avoid saying harsh words because woman never forget, they will tell you what you did in 2007. Share your worries with her, she will be sympathetic and be happy that you involve her. Even when you take decisions talk to her.

Be gentle but do not allow anyone abuse you in anyway. You being nice to her does not mean that she can take you anyhow. Be firm, command respect and give it back to her. Women love little surprises here and there. NEVER forget her birthday, never ever. Create memories, be a cameraman take pictures of her even if she is not watching. When you are around the house, touch her playfully, play like kids. Be her protector, stand up for her. She needs to know that she is safe when she is with you. Make sure that you keep your promise. Once you tell her that you will phone her after five, she will be waiting for that call and make sure that you call. Badmouthing your exes is a biggest turn off. Don’t ever do that. Woman loves money, don’t forget that.

Lastly Do not nag. Do not be too much onto her. She needs her space, her privacy. Nagging can be annoying.

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