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The relevancy of getting married young

Money is very scarce, unmarried women on their late twenties, and thirties are going to stay at home until together with their parents understand that over-priced lobolo is now irrelevant.

It was relevant when women used to be married without unnecessary experiences.

Lobolo was expensive because African women used to get married virgins.

There's no a man in the right state of mind who's going to pay a huge chunks of money for someone that already been used by somebody else for free.

Alot of parents have now taken this Lobola thing more like they have won lotto instead of celebrating that their kids are getting married. You cant be over charged while their child has children from different fathers and you even taking over the responsibility.

These days a relevant lobolo price ranges between R700 - R3000.

To say a person is Educated is a not so far fetched fooling reason, we are all educated.

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African Lobola


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