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Divorce Affair

His affair with Suzan Makula is annoying and shameful. Pastor Bugingo’s best man Buyondo speaks.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo’s nice man Ssalongo Herbert Buyondo has described the formers legalizing of his new dating with Suzan Makula as “worrying and shameful” to the pentecostal church.


While talking to local Television, Mr. Ssalongo Buyondo the pastor of Victory Church Namungona, stressed that what Bugingo did is disgusting and disrespectful to the bible and the pentecostal church as a whole.

He went in advance and quote the ebook of Malachi that states that God hates divorce. He narrated that within the spiritual angle as born-agains they don’t believe in divorce which the opposite international accepts.

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He similarly explained Pastor Bugingo’s affair irritates so terrible that once retaining his marital ceremonies he takes to the pulpit and preaches the phrase once more but he does not observe and exercise what he preaches from the bible.

Ssalongo Buyondo therefore completed by means of stressing that Bugingo can’t be an excellent chief if he isn't led rightly.

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“Pastor Bugingo’s act is traumatic, weakening, and demoralizing because I am a properly skilled man or woman who studied marriage laws and understood everything thoroughly.

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“If Pastor Bugingo has wives one with wedlock and went on to be introduced with the aid of any other girl yet he's taking to the pulpit and preaches the word of God that is wrong. That is wherein the assignment arises from. In the non secular attitude, the born-agains do no longer consider in divorce however the other international accepts it and that is why Teddy stated “No divorce”.

“The Bible also simply stresses in Malachi that God hates divorce. At the instant he's under the influence of alcohol in the lime light but that doesn’t mean that he's right. He is feeling like a massive celebrity now. You can’t be an amazing leader in case you’re now not led,” Herbert Buyondo said.


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