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‘See 5 simple ways to test if your partner truly loves you.

1. If you're the one who calls the most, give him a week without calling and see how he reacts. After the first five days of dating, you should notice some unusual behavior in the person. This is the first and most important indicator of whether or not they love you. 

However, if you don't contact your boyfriend or girlfriend for an extended period of time and the person is unconcerned, it's a simple way to tell if the person loves you or not. 

2. Put a rose in front of her house or place of business. This is a common ploy used by guys, and I've heard it's quite successful. When you visit her office and place a flower on her shelf, make sure nobody notices or suspects you. If she thanks you for the flowers, she's intrigued; if she doesn't, she's probably not. 

3. Refuse to be intimate with him for a few days and observe his reaction: For a few days, don't give your partner s*x and watch how he reacts. This is often reserved for women in their twenties and thirties. 

True love is unconcerned with your appearance on the outside. It's a clue that he doesn't care for you if he won't talk to you since you didn't offer closeness.

4. Don't give her money for a while: If you want to know if she truly loves you or is just after your money, don't give her money. 

While you aren't offering her money, start observing her reactions. 

5. Take your time approaching him or her. 

If you're the type of person that sees his or her spouse frequently, washes his clothes, cleans his dishes, and even cooks for him. Try to stay away from it for the time being. You'll note how he reacts when you inform him that you're sick. A guy who doesn't care about you won't ask about your health, but one who does will pay you a personal visit. 

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