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5 Things You Need To Know Before Sliding Into A Girls DM

Going into a girl's DM for the first time is something that many guys find very difficult to do because of the fear of rejection, which is true. 

Sliding into a girl's DM is not easy because you can get any response from her either good or bad. The way girls respond to DM's differs from one girl to another. 

However, before going into a girls' DM, there are 5 things I want you to know. Check out the list before

1. Not Every Girl Is Nice

Before sliding into a girl's you have to know that not every girl is nice. Many boys and men complain that some girls are rude. That is because they fail to understand that not every girl is nice. Just like not everybody is nice the same applies to some girls, they are not nice. 

2. Not all girls are ready for relationships 

Mostly apart from the case of becoming friends with the opposite sex, most men slide into a girl's DM because they want a relationship with them. You have to know that not every girl wants to be in a relationship, some consider dating as stress.

3. Some like being alone

Have you ever been left on read after sending a message to a girl? If yes then know that sometimes girls want to be left alone. Stop complaining that girls are not replying to your message, some don't want to meet new people or do not want the incontinence that comes with chatting sometimes. 

4. Some are good girls

Bad boys who like doing naughty things need to know this. Before going into a girl's DM to talk about dirty stuff, know that some girls are not interested in dirty things. Some girls are good and don't want dirty discussions.

5. Some are lonely and need a company 

This is an interesting fact that you need to know. Have you ever texted a girl and she was responding very fast, if so, you should know that she is lonely and needs your company. Sometimes you need to remove fear and slide into that DM, someone's daughter may be bored and needs company.

Knowing these five things will save you the stress of fighting with a girl. Master the act of sliding into a girl's DM without being questioned. All you need to do is to be nice and straightforward.

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