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7 Things You Must Change After A Breakup

A breakup can feel like a sudden and shocking change that you least expected and maybe never even wanted. Some breakups shake you to the core and alter your life in many ways. You reassess after a breakup. You start to look at your life in ways you hadn’t before. You look at relationships in a new light. You view love and heartache with a different lens. Everything has changed. So why not take the power and control back into your own hands and make your own changes? Even though change can be hard, it can also be much needed. Staying stagnant will not allow you to grow and move forward. However, change will. Here are some things you can change after a breakup to start you out on a new start and a wonderful new path.


What better way to start out being single than with a new haircut. A new you, a new hairdo. Maybe your ex never wanted you to cut those golden locks of yours. Well, here’s your chance to finally do that Emeli Sandé pixie haircut. You’ll feel lighter and fresher without your ex and all that hair.

Attitude and Outlook

Some breakups really shake things up for us. After you are through the tornado of chaos and you can see a little clearer, you’ll want to reevaluate your outlook on life and love. Sometimes heartbreak makes us want to change for the better. This is a perfect, opportune time to focus on yourself — make the best of it.

Living Environment

It’s actually quite common for people to want to move after a breakup. You want to leave town and forget all your worries. Therefore, it’s important you are moving for the right reasons. If the only reason you are living in a city or town is because of your ex, then by all means, pack up and go. Start a new life and adventure in another place — far, far away.


You had a soundtrack while you were with your previous partner. Change that playlist up now. Make a different playlist for new moments in your life. Create a breakup playlist that will help you through this rough road. Find new music for the new you. Start a new soundtrack of your life. I’m sure it will sound quite lovely.


Sometimes when you’re settled into a relationship, your partner may complain or make judgements about what you wear or how you look. Now, you are free to look however the hell you want to look. Bust out those sheer tops and wear them proudly. Buy some new boyfriend jeans because we all know you don’t need a boyfriend to wear them. Try on those bold and bright red lipsticks you’ve always wanted to sport.


There’s nothing better than changing up your room. Maybe it’s the room you and your ex used to have together, or maybe not. Whatever the case, you’ll want to start fresh. Put away those cutesy photos of you two from your summer vacation. Buy a new comforter and sheets, so your bed feels fresh and new. Try moving around the furniture for an all new look. A new look might give you a different perspective.

Relationship Mojo

After a relationship ends, we tend to analyze and comprehend what went wrong. We see our ex’s faults and our own. We take from the bad and learn from it. This period of being newly single is a great time to think about what you want for your next relationship. How will you do the next one differently? What are the most important qualities you are looking for in a future partner? This is the time to think about these questions. Change up that relationship mojo of yours.

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