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4 Things You Should Never Tell Your Ex

When a relationship ends, especially if it's been turbulent, you usually have hundreds of things to say to your ex. Maybe it's a desire to express how much you miss him, or maybe it's something else. You have to learn to pinch your lips. The whole concept can be annoying, but believe me when I say it's the best. Here are some things you should never say to your ex.

1. "Let's be just friends." When you end a relationship, you should never expect them to come back into your life. If you dumped them, telling them they were friends is a hard slap in the face. Being a friend can also be difficult. It is a good idea to forget about them and move on as your Ex might hoard plans to destroy you and your future relationships.

2. "I miss you so much." When talking to your ex, be very clear about your goals. If you don't want to see him anymore, it's best to avoid revealing how much you miss him. This gives them the wrong impression and sometimes might make them execute some actions which could destroy your relationship. Telling your ex how much you miss him or her is the first step to infidelity.

3. "I'm much better off without you." That alone sounds horrific, and you can only imagine the emotional torment he could inflict on others. You may disagree with what your partner is doing, but that doesn't give you the right to be rude about it. They also have feelings and are hurt.

4. "My partner is much better than you." These are just bad comments to your ex. Once you connect with your new partner, it is best to stay with him and stop contacting your Ex. On the other hand, some people just want to rub with their ex to show how far they have come. This is not a wise decision and could lead to many complications. This is where hate sets in and bitterness is born.

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