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Wedding planning scene

Wedding photographer deleted couple's photos after they did this to him

Weddings are one of the happiest days for not just the couple getting married but family and friends. hey provide a platform for people to mix and mingle, have nice food dance. The memories of this day are therefore supposed to be kept y taking photographs.

However for the wedding to be perfect it need be planed properly. This includes the food that people are going to have as well as the venue and the photographer. All these require money. On top of this all the people you hire are also supposed to eat at the wedding considering that they have to be there the whole day.

A certain photographer went viral after he did something drastic at a wedding. Apparently it was reported that the photographer had spend a lot of time taking photos of the wedding from the pictures before the wedding in the dressing room and all to the actual wedding venue. Just like any other person he got hungry therefore he wanted food but was denied and told that he had to continue taking photos.. What pissed him off was the fact that he has decided to do the couple a favour since they were on a low budget and they were his friends.

Its true what they say a hungry man is an angry man. The photographer decided to take immediate revenge on the couple and he deleted all their wedding photos in front of them and left the wedding and announced that he was no longer their photographer.

A lot of people found the story unbelievable and funny claiming that the photographer had overreacted and that he should have handled the matter in a more decent manner.

Some people however justifies his actions clamming that no one should work on a hungry tummy. they shoukd have given him food in time considering that he was the one doing most of the work standing. Photographers work more than anyone eles because they never get a chance to sit down. Even when people are sitting down they constantly have to be moving around taking videos and photos.

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