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Letoya Makhene' s girlfriend doesn't believe in her sangoma calling and these are cracks

Letoya and her girlfriend Lebo Keswa

Cracks starts to show in Generations the Legacy actress Letoya Makhene and her girlfriend Lebo Keswa. Tshidi have failed relationships, the first one was with a Zimbabwean man that gave her 3 children, followed by a second relationship with Tshepo Leeuw and he impregnated her, and they had a kid, together, and now she got 4 kids. And now she decided to be gay and she have been posted pictures on social media flaunting her girlfriend. They seem to be happy together but beliefs may play a part in ending a relationship. Letoya is a sangoma and Lebo seem like she doesn't believe in witchcraft and most people who don't believe in witchcraft like to undermine the lived experience of those who believe in it. 

Many relationships have broken up because of irreconcilable difference that comes with beliefs. In the beginning of every relationship, people ignore the differences they have with their beliefs system but as soon as familiarity breds contempt things fall apart. For her partner to go on a social to post something like "They can bewitch you not to believe that it does exist," shows that she is holding a deep sitted belief against her calling and she can't hold herself. What we say out, comes from the heart. This is a sign of cracks in a relationship. It will be that little straw that will break the back of a camel one day.

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