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How To Make A Girl Jealous And Make Her Go After You. - OPINION.

1. In front of her, compliment another female. When the person they love or are smitten on compliments another women instead of them, it irritates them. It pains them a lot, and she'll go to any length to show that she's better than them. You'll have a better chance of spotting her this way.

2. Ignore her calls and texts while chatting with other women on social media. If her affections for you are genuine, this will make her enraged. She may even confront you for an explanation, gaining your attention in the process.

3. Use your page to post images of yourself and other girls. If she's into you, she'll always check your new posts. Her discovering photographs of other women will make her envious. This opens the door to a dialogue since she will have to ask you about it, either directly or indirectly.

4. While she's listening, tell her about how much fun you had when she wasn't there. No lady wants to miss a happy occasion just to hear about it afterwards. This will make her envious and irritated.

5. When she's around, laugh at your conversations, even if they're not humorous. She'll always believe you're conversing with another woman. This can irritate her and make her envious. Women want their guys to spend all of their time with them and no one else.

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