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She wanted a man online but a gay guy body shamed her by saying this to her leaving her heartbroken

Body shaming is painful thing that people don't understand the damage they cost to the other person by body shaming them more especially in public. As well as homophobic its also wrong as we still have people who are finding it hard to accept gays and lesbians.

Some people would say something without noticing that they are hurting the next person, and move on without mending things little do they know that the other person is holding a grudge. And one thing about people who hold grudges they strike where least is expected and when they do it people get even more hurt.

Like this guy gay by the name of Aphelele who body shamed lady who posted a picture of herself online looking for a man. It was like Aphelele was waiting for this moment to come as he made sure that lady pays for what she did to him the last time he posted something online.

Aphelele took this lady's picture and shared it on his timeline on Twitter and wrote she looks like an apartheid Hippo, but this lady was confused as why would he say something like this to her surely she must have done something big to get such a comment from Aphelele. That's when Aphelele told her that the last time he posted a picture she asked why is he gay, and surely that didn't sit well with Aphelele instead of confronting her he kept quiet.

Truly speaking what Aphelele did was wrong to body shame the woman like that in public, because in this situation the lady probably didn't mean to hurt Aphelele she was probably concerned why is such a handsome guy like him gay, because as you can see the lady is single and looking for someone and who knows maybe in her mind she was saying if only he was not gay I would shot my shoots, but unfortunately, Aphelele took it the wrong way.

They should have sorted this matter that time, now Aphelele might have ruined the chances of this lady finding love after his comment humiliation the lady like that. That's why it's always important to talk when someone hurt you rather than wait for moments like this to humiliate them in public. Even the lady was wrong to ask Aphelele that question in public because now she looked like a homophobic and Aphelele like a body shamer. They are both wrongs they should try to mend the problems and resolve things.

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