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Mortuary burns to ashes

There are strange things which forever happens here on earth. The things you will never predict to happens can happen at any time and at any point , without being expected. Maybe it’s high time we understand that in this world anything can happen at anytime.

Photo credits: Twitter

I guess people are in more pain now . Imagine losing your loved ones and send them to mortuary , just to find out at the end of the day that they again burned to ashes.

I have been in pain in my life and most of the times, but I don’t think most of the pains I went through are above these ones I’m going through currently.

Photo credits: Twitter

May the spirit of God be with the people who lost their loved ones twice at the moment and currently . I’ve never lost anyone who is closer to me in my life , but I can imagine the pain which these ones are currently feeling at the moment and otherwise.

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