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3 things women want in a man

Women are a fascinating species. They have a unique way at viewing life and an exotic approach to romance so sometimes that can be difficult for us a men to understand because unlike women we usually don't think outside the box when it comes to romance and what love is.

I am not saying l know it all , no! Not at all l just happen to spontaneously understand the female species for l was raised by women and most of my close peers are women so l do understand them .

Now check out the five things below that will help you understand what women want and need in a men .

Five things that women want in a man:

3. Control and order.

Women want a man who is in control of his life and pretty much himself. A man who knows how to lead , how to manage and most importantly a responsible individual who has a clear idea of where his life is going.

As a man you got have short term goals and long term goal , you got to be ambitious and optimistic.

Nothing is as attractive to women more than a man who is organised , responsible and thoughtful.

2. Financial stability.

Women don't come after your money and they don't care how deep your pockets are , they just want you to be financially stable since you are the head of the house you have to know how to care yourself , her and the family.

Women don't think short term , they are thinking long term therefore it's important for them to invest their heart into a man with an income who is going to be there for the family.

1. Putting an effort.

Yes you have to put an effort when it comes to the way you take care of yourself, you have to be hygienic and healthy.

Women respect and appreciate a man who take good care of himself , a man who puts in the time to look good .

So it's very important as a man to always look clean , to smell nice and to have a healthy lifestyle.

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