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“Am HIV Positive but I’m looking for a boyfriend” says someone on Twitter.

In those days, being HIV positive used to be condemned, and individuals would be judged and called names for being HIV positive. Many individuals have ended it all subsequent to discovering that they are HIV positive since they realized they'd be dealt with in an unexpected way. This was additionally the motivation behind why individuals were not fair with regards to their status. It was difficult for somebody to uninhibitedly say "I'm HIV positive". Indeed, even seeing someone, individuals would conceal their status in dread that if individuals discover that they are HIV positive, they'll judge them. 

Yet, these days, things have changed. Individuals are presently mindful and comprehend that living with HIV is typical and you can in any case be cheerful like previously. They are very much educated. There are various associations and backing groups on Twitter that assistance and rouse individuals to acknowledge themselves in the wake of testing positive. These associations have been extremely useful on the grounds that currently a great many people go ahead and share their status and save the following individual. 

A 25-year elderly person who is HIV positive left many individuals staggered after she took it to online media to search for a relationship. Nhlanhla Themba is a HIV dissident who accepts that being HIV positive doesn't completely change you and has no effect to you or others. She is living in Newcastle and has 1 kid. She's shouting to any individual who will be involved with her to send her a message. She gladly expressed that she's HIV positive. 

I'm 25, right now living in Newcastle with 1 child. I'm HIV-Positive, Single, and I'm around here on these roads searching for uMjolo.. My DMs are open. Searching for somebody who's 27 to 35. Much obliged to you. This is me!" She tweeted. 

Her tweet moved such countless hearts. Many individuals were glad to see that there were individuals who are straightforward and don't sabotage themselves in light of their HLV status. See a few remarks beneath:

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