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How to move on after being hurt.

One thing is certain for everyone: if you've been in a relationship, been hurt, you can also find it difficult to move on. You want to move on and start a new relationship but are not entirely sure where to start. If so, there are a few steps you can take here. 

1. Sorry. It is important that you forgive yourself and others. The biggest obstacle that can keep you from moving on is holding on to anger and resentment against you and your ex. 

This can really hurt your future relationships. To avoid ruining your next relationship or starting a new one with luggage, it is very important that you forgive yourself and others. You are miles ahead. 

Many people spend their entire lives holding on to anger and resentment and unforgiving. Not knowing that they are hurting themselves by holding on to anger.

 It keeps you where you are and unable to enjoy happiness and a happy life. 

2. Never get a rebound man. I know they say the best way to forget someone is to get a new man, but I advise you not to. 

Jumping from one relationship to another is not healthy. You never have the opportunity to take time for yourself and get over your former partner. 

In the end, your problems carry you from your previous relationship to the next. No matter how good you are at this point, don't do it. It will end up making problems worse and worse than it was originally. 

3.Learn your lesson. Every relationship brings life lessons. Take the time to identify the lessons you had to learn or the lessons you learned in relationships. Use the lessons to get stronger and better.

 The reason why it sometimes seems like we are repeating the same situations over and over is because we did not learn the lesson or we did not even care about the subject of the lesson or what should be learned. We keep making the same mistakes and wondering why our love life is like this. 

4.Allow yourself to move on. It is easy to get involved with the person and it is perfectly okay to do so. Once you are aware of the lessons, allow yourself to go on and on. It's a very liberating experience.

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