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A video of a deaf mute couple breaks the internet after they seen arguing using sign language.

People were really shocked to learn that people who are Deaf and mute they also have misunderstandings. People say they thought they live a happy life without fights and arguing.

We all know that relationships has problems, some problems lead to fights, some problems are just minor problems that are solvable, while some leads to assaults, murder and break ups.

Today we learned that each and every has problems, does not matter who you are, all races, religious normal and disabled people, relationships will always have problems.

The couple were seen to be having misunderstanding, they were fighting physically, the man and woman were seen in the video assaulting each other. We all know that ab assault is not the way to solve problems. We seen people going to prison for accidentally killing their partners, some assaulting them.

This also teaches us as people to learn sigh language because most people were confused not knowing what the couple were saying in the video. There is a possibility that a deaf person can be born in your household, learning sign language put you in an advantage position.

Some people are saying the couple are fighting because of their sexual problems in their relationship according to the signs of the man. However, they might be wrong especially when one does not know the sign language.

What do you think they are fighting for?

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