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Women reveal the reasons why they choose bad guys over good guys

Bad guys have dominated the love zone more than the good guys. That is because most women who are the ones deciding who to date tend to be attracted to bad guys for some reasons.

Elite says the differences between bad guys and good guys are: Bad guys add much needed drama to your life - Good guys know when to curb that drama; Bad boys will take you to adventure - Bad guys will want to keep you safe; Bad boys will make you take risks - Good guys know when the risks are not worth it. There are more of these reasons and you can read about them from:

Yesterday I saw women on social media revealing the reasons why they rather choose a bad guy over a nice one. I love their revelations because they are about something which they do not deny doing.

They believe that some people are not getting the meaning of 'good guys' correct. They say being lame and boring does not necessarily mean that you are a nice guy. They just find such guys unattractive because they are boring.

Someone said that it is better to choose the devil that you know instead of the devil that you do not know about. In my opinion, this means women choose the bad guys because they will be able not to trust them wholeheartedly whereas they might be drawn into trusting a nice guy with all they have and only to be disappointed at the end of the day.

The above was even supported by someone saying that with bad men, they already know what they are getting themselves into and the so called good men will push the narrative just to get what they want. She said "good men" will find it easier to feed them lies and empty promises.

Someone also mentioned that a bad guy can have characteristics of a good guy which makes it harder to realise what they are getting themselves into.


I believe that some women choose to be with bad guys because they do not want disappoint the nice guys. We know that a nice guy might try to control the lady and be judgemental of the ways that she is having fun whereas a good guy might not only allow her to have that kind of fun, but he will also do it with her. This is all about the 'vibe' and when they are tired of being playful, they will seek to settle down with a nice guy.

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