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Family manipulate And Blackmail Young Lady To Accept Marriage Proposal Of Man She Is Not sure About

Family manipulative And Blackmail Young Lady To Accept Marriage Proposal Of Man She Is Not Sure

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A man says he has lost his high school sweetheart before and is not willing to go through that again. 72-year-old grandmother is happy and she has already given her granddaughters blessing to marry the young man who came crying and asking for another chance. It was a lovely episode to see indeed, I also share tears of job to see her giving him a second chance. It was supposed to be entirely up to her to take him back and it looked like she was guarding her heart until everyone started getting excited .

Sli has a really dope relationship with her mother in law. Going to the family with camera has helped him its shows that this time his serious he will not do what he used to treat her but he will treat her like a queen.I like that she knows her boundaries she's not disrespectful towards her mother in law.

As a country we need monthly updates from their relationship we were there when gogo shelled for you.Thapelo owes Ugogo loyalty, love, faithfulness to her granddaughter Wish them the best. Aw thanks to mamazala dintho di monate nou otherwise it would have been such a disappointment for him. N makoti is beautiful.

" She's single she sits alone in her bedroom. " - Gogo

Bathong Gogo with the files.

Don’t mess up again boy , it’s the girls smile for me. This family just coerced this young lady to give this guy another chance after she had told everyone how this guy had hurt her before. The line used by elders “do it before I die” is very manipulative. She gave in to the pressure from her friends & family. She slso disappointed me I was convinced she was going to say no. Family can be a pandemic on its own...such pressure. I'm sure this is another reason some people are scared to leave toxic marriages coz as long as the family is happy. 

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