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Here's 6 Things Most Of Ladies Want In A Man.

Every woman get into a relationship having expectations in mind it can be selfless or selfish. It's means all women goes in a relationship with something very important they want to fulfill it can be a serious relationship or just a date where you still learning each other where we call it courtship where a woman want to be sure if this guy is the one she's want for a husband.

1. A man with strong level of thinking

Most of women especially those who have a career they want a man who is capable to take bold decisions when its comes to their relationship. A man who can safely give her solutions in whenever the situation arises they feel safe with kind of man, and they fell like the kind of guy can make their lives easier.

2. A caring guy and able to treat a woman like a queen.

Truth be told not everything money can buy, you can treat your woman without having a lot of money. Women like a guy who will treat her like a queen without without putting a price tag in their relationship. Even you can pick a stone on the floor and give her she will be happy. Buy her a present without telling her, woman like surprises.

3.A man with a positive mindset.

Man who knows how to set their priorities right and who always talk after thinking about what he will say. A man who less in words and more in actions are the wanted in women. Every woman want to engage with a man who has positive approach in life, and also with everything around him.

4. A understanding man.

Every woman want a guy who will listen and understand whenever the problem arises not the one who rush to take a decision without thinking through. Woman they have a habit of observing things from far so they need a man who will listen and respect their wishes.

5. A neat and attractive man.

All women out there they want a man who knows how put together a wear, who love their body, who always clean and smell nice perfume. They want someone they can easily move with in public without fear or ashameuse yo be d so those guys who are clean and neat they are the wanted. A guy who is handsome and attractive, a guy who have those qualities they're meat in ladies.

A man with a slippery tongue.

These guys who knows how to talk even if he is lying but you can believe those lies that's women want in guy someone who can talk without shying away. The reason they want a man who have confidence in public someone who can talk without hesitation.

So guys ladies they don't want your money but much more things they desire from a man. Without putting a price tag in a relationship, you can enjoy more and your woman can be happy whether you have money or not.

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