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Young Guy Breaks Up With Girlfriend For "Flatulating" Whenever He Is With Her

Young Guy Ends Relationship With Girlfriend Because He Is Always "Flatulating" When He Is With Her. 

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Here's a picture of the lovely young lady. 

The day's narrative is based on a WhatsApp discussion between a young man and a friend concerning his fiancée, who, according to the message, has supposedly broken up with him. The explanation for this is that his partner flatulates everytime they are together. He didn't have a choice but to quit their relationship and be free. 

On WhatsApp, the young man and his best buddies are chatting. 

The conversation began when this young man's friend informed him that his girlfriend, Alice, had informed him that they had broken up. He went on to ask what she had done to trigger the split. His friend's only remark, to his surprise, was "that girl flatu too much." That is to say, the girl has a lot of flatulence. 

He complained that his nose was destroyed and he couldn't stand her flatulence any longer. He went on to claim that a woman named Alice flatulated two days ago, and that was enough to sway his mind. He is unable to return her since he is unable to tolerate it any longer. 

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