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A Young black South African created an online dating app, here is what you need to know about it?


Are you single, looking for a perfect match or a soul mate? Well get your pockets heavy because a date is coming your way. 


As we all know, Chris Excel didn't get his title of being called “The black Twitter PRESIDENT” by only trolling people on social media but also by promoting local businesses. So this means that he is brand ambassador, promoter and a blogger. 

The black Twitter PRESIDENT took Mzansi by surprise as he made this announcement:“The focus on Building our very own...siyeke ukuphasha Ku Tinder. This dating App was invented by a young black South African. Go get your Soul mate, he wrote."

A Young black South African boy who still unknown has developed a newly online dating app called“ Premium Peaches - Love dating”. This young man devoted himself to easing things on many single South Africans who are looking for soul mates. 

This app comes with awesome features that you need to know about before you approach to join. This app is now available in all applications platforms and it is licensed and verified so don't be afraid to register. There's also a video on play store which will guide you through the application. 

This application is only allowed for individuals who are over 18, meaning that you will be required to enter your ID when you join. When you join you will have to enter your email address and your postal address. You also have an option to choose where you wanna use your Google account or your Facebook account. 

However you will be required to enter your location because the app will have to do anything about you. When a person is viewing your profile, it will show him or her where you stay and how many kilometers you are away from each other. So you are also allowed to regularly post your nice pictures so that you can quickly find your soulmate. 

See some other coolest features found in this app:


The young man did an outstanding job and this will reduce the crime rate in South Africa because nowadays prostitutes are working thugs so many guys have been mugged on their way to meet prostitutes. 

What's your view about this online dating application? Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section. 


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