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10 Things Your Woman Wants You To Do To Her But Will Not Tell. - OPINION.

Your lover may want you to perform certain things but will not tell you. There are things your man would like you to do but won't tell you about, and there are things your woman would like you to do but won't tell you about. Here are a few things your lady wants you to do but won't tell you about.

1.When you're with her, she wants you to touch her hair, hands, and kiss her.

Gently stroke her hair and hands.

Kiss her as much as she desires.

2.She wants you to feel comfortable speaking in front of a large group of people.

Have enough self-assurance to speak in public without fear.

3.She wants you to accompany her wherever she goes.

Pay a visit to her everywhere she goes, such as the market.

4.She wants you to tell your friends that she is your girlfriend.

Make it clear to your buddies that she is your woman.

5.She want for you to spend quality time with her.

Make the most of your time with her.

Inquire about her wants and make a vow to provide them.

6.She wants you to inquire about her day.

Every day, wish her a happy birthday.

Call and text her on a regular basis.

7.To impress her, she wants you to dress up.

To make a good impression on her, put on a nice outfit.

She was dressed in attire that she could be drawn to.

8.She wants you to make her happy by making her laugh and smile.

Make her laugh and grin by saying and doing humorous things.

9.She wants you to have faith in her.

Stop paying attention to what she's doing to see if it's good or terrible.

Have faith in what she's doing.

10.She wants you to neglect your other female relationships.

She wants you to just adore her as a lady.

Allow yourself to be content with her as your sole female companion.

11.She expects you to treat her with respect as your woman.

Pay attention to what she's saying and act on what she's stated right away.

Do not chastise her.

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