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Men, If You Want To Live Long Never Marry These 7 Types Of Women.

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On the road to marriage and finding "the one," a certain recurring event regularly takes place. When you're dating, it's easy to gloss over problems that might not appear to be a big deal, but once you are married, same behaviors might turn into routines that are detrimental to your health. However, love does not require sight to exist. There is no valid reason to put up with unhealthy or harmful relationships in order to move toward the goal of getting married.

Every single one of us faces everyday challenges relating to our sin. We've all been careless with things that we sometimes look back on and wish we could take back. We are in desperate need of the grace and liberty that can only come through knowing and following Jesus Christ. However, the quality of our marriages improves when, rather than identifying warning signs, we opt to focus on the challenges presented by our romantic partnerships.

God is concerned in the decisions that we make for ourselves. He is concerned about the person we marry. In addition, we are able to have trust that He will point us in the right route and make it simpler for us to recognize potential hazards along the way.

1. The One Who Doesn't Believe

Take care not to settle for anything less than what God would want for the spiritual health of your marriage in terms of the spiritual health of your marriage. When you add the strain of having different spiritual views to the hardship of being married, you may discover that you are in a precarious position when dealing with the stresses of everyday life. If at the time your values were so diametrically opposed to hers, you should not fall into the trap of assuming that you will be able to convince her to "turn around" or adjust her thoughts at a later date. It's possible, but it could not work out.

- 2 Cor. 6:14

2. The Offending Party

It is common for people to believe that "abusers" are men; however, women can also fall into the same trap. The man in her life may find it difficult to discuss the issue or seek assistance because of the stigma associated with the topic. As the "invisible victims" of relationship abuse, men may frequently experience severe feelings of shame, remorse, and inadequacy. This can have a negative impact on their mental health.

- Ps. 11:5

A violent heart grieves God, and this passage serves as a reminder of God's feelings on the subject. Nobody should be treated poorly. Period. Ever. Get as far away from that person as quickly as you can if they damage you in any way, whether it be physically, verbally, or emotionally. They are not going to be saved by you in any way, shape, or form. That is something that God made. A marriage, which must be built on the foundation of great love and respect, has no room for any form of abuse, regardless of the form it takes.

3. The Master of All He Surveys and Directs

It's possible that this person's behavior, which is deceptively understated, will lead to serious complications. What can come off as "I just care about you" is more often a need for continual control or envy. It is possible that she will attempt to exert dominance over you and choose your actions for you, particularly in regard to the people with whom you choose to spend your time. It's possible that she will keep a careful eye on you, make persistent inquiries about your whereabouts, or even invention tales that you are cheating on her. The individual who should be in charge will continually question her capacity to "trust you." As long as she has control over you, you could start having trouble breathing at random intervals. It's very suffocating. Since you are being held close, that must be the way it is intended for you to be.

- James 3:16

4. The Displeased and Controversial Woman

If she is unable to control her anger before you get married, it is unlikely that she will be able to do so once you do. Her behavior will almost always become worse as time goes on. No matter what kind of personality we have, that does not give us license to be rude and offensive to everyone who happens to be in our way by spewing hateful comments and going on rants. Examine how she acts in a variety of settings, particularly when she is under duress.

- Proverbs 25:24

5. The One Who Seduces

It's possible that you had already established some habits before you tied the knot, and it's unlikely that they'll vanish overnight following the ceremony. After becoming caught up in these self-destructive practices, it can be difficult to quit the habit of sexual misbehavior. Sins of sexual immorality can often be a snare laid by the adversary. On the other hand, the pain or mistakes of the past shouldn't have any bearing on what happens in the here and now or in the future. God has a plan to restore us and make us free from our chains.

Make the decision as a couple to base your relationship on His requirements. The world is full of lies, and one of them asserts that having sexual relations prior to getting married is normal and poses no problems. Having said that, it is a significant matter. Try not to accept the false claims of your adversary. When someone is loved, the heart of Christ always wants the best for them, and part of that best includes desiring to build, defend, and promote safe and healthy routines.

6. The Trickster and the Liar

Trust must serve as the basis for any marital relationship. If we don't have this as a rock-solid foundation, catastrophe will inevitably ensue. So, let's talk about those "little white lies" that you started to notice as you went along. In the real world, there is no such thing as telling "little white lies." Any lie has the purpose of hiding the truth, misrepresenting it, or twisting it in some way. The telling of lies has no place in a healthy, loving relationship. It's a trap that might end your life, and there's no way to tell what she's attempting to keep a secret about.

7. The Addictive Person

This individual requires the freedom that can only be gained by admitting that there is a problem, seeking assistance from a trained expert, and placing their trust in the strength that can only come from God. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, pornography, or any other habits will inevitably lead to significant difficulties in one's life. Do not let yourself be misled into believing that she will effortlessly "give it all up for you" without the assistance and accountability of professional counseling simply because your relationship seems to be pushing her in the right direction.

You are not responsible for either liberating her or attempting to change their feelings toward you in any way. That is something that can only be done by God.

- 1 Cor. 6:12

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