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How people responded to this post, "girls text you good night and text another guy, I can not sleep

This can happen especially mostly with girls, as the post say, "Girls" because a girl has not become a woman yet. As you know that's not every girl is a woman, woman goes with maturity, woman call for a a certain level of life, a different understanding, a different intellectual ability, a different reasoning, and even changes in the body.

When girls are still at the puberty age, when they're still experiencing what does it feel like to mingle with the boys, this is what they do. They will have different kind of man that they are experiencing.

I don't know what they will be looking for, but as you know that men are not the same, so are the women. We have got those that are tough, those that are soft, those that are tall, those that are short, those that are light and those that are dark.

It is all different kinds, so when a person is still at that age of womanhood, would want to experience everybody, because they are still confused. They don't know what they want.

One thing that I've seen in life that is for sure, you can't jump stages. So you better do the things of you should do, because it's it's either you are going to do them later, or do them on time, but the bottom line is, we have to understand what time it is, when people are doing whatever they are doing.

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