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Opinion: Men are very confusing they date slay Queen but leave then to marry holy Maria

In an opening statement the post read "some men are very confusing they date a slay queen and later leave them to date a holy Maria". In what seems like their exploring phase people would actually go for who they can explore a whole lot of their wild side with, to others it becomes more than finding themselves as they will go on to look for who society classifies as "wife material" then wed them but might still end up cheating on who they themselves classifies as wife material with types of ladies they never had any intentions of marrying let alone have serious relationship with.

With side chick becoming a norm it all makes it look like it is enjoyable thing by all parties involved.

What leads to such behaviour is not certain but among possibilities we speculate that not marrying those types they explored with. Might have to do with avoiding talks and judgement especially from family

Let us know what you think of the above.

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