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In shock |A man leaves everyone speechless after saying this in public to the lady

You think only women who want successful men trust you these days? You're wrong. A man took to his Twitter account to share a photo of a lady who had just purchased a new car, the lady saw in the car dealership collecting her new car. Instead of explaining that comgrations end up like this, the man tweeted the lady's image with the message that he is unable to resist and avoid his feelings for her any longer. After seeing her caption, others began to giggle. It's possible that the car is the reason he's falling in love with her, or that it's the other way around.

You are incorrect if you believe that only ladies prefer guys with vehicles. There are men who like independent women, women who are financially secure, and women who can take care of themselves without needing everything from a man. Share your thoughts on this guy; do you believe he is motivated by the lady's success, or is he motivated by pure love?


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