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Husband and wife relationship

Love Exist? After 7 years of marriage man shared anniversary photos of him and her wife pictures



Today Marks exactly 7 years since we met in 2014. It could have been 8 years if she didn't reject me in 2013. I presented my proposal well in 2014 and she approved it on this day...i am still leaving up to my manifesto and services are delivered to the best satisfaction. What keeps us strong is the competition we created on who loves the other more? The competition is judged on actions not the words...One other key strategy is that we call each other everyday for at least 2 minutes if there's nothing to talk about...and trust us..we have been doing that for the past 7 years...Yes!! Everyday that we are not together. 

Although we struggled for years to get our big present as shared in our YouTube Channel(Shadrose CoupleTv), 2021's Anniversary is special as we celebrate it with our first born. I personally learnt that loving well comes with alot of blessings that are associated with the union. In this 7 years, I've learnt that if a woman is well loved, she will love you more. In this 7 years, I've learnt that women go through alot that as men we can't even stand for. In this 7 years, I've learnt that a relationship is great when a man protect it himself than shifting the blame.In this 7 years, I've learnt that marrying your type at a young age is one best decision ever, I've learnt that women don't disappoint if they realize that their partners loves, care and are honest to them. In this 7 years, I've learnt that a year is nothing as this still feels new. 

I have learnt patience and how to love in this 7 years, ive mastered it and i will never disappoint. 

Happy Anniversary to Shadrose 🥰🥰 

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