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Man demand his full lobola back day after marriage, after finding out prophet was doing this

There is a say 'whatever you do at dark it will find its way to come on light', prophet destroys couple's new marriage.

Malawian prophet Bantry Canaan of Revival Crusade is trending for all the wrong reasons after destroying a couple's new marriage. According to the source, this prophet has been having affair with another man's wife. Almost 50% of women at his church he had affairs with, some are married while others are single. He does all that in the name of Jesus, promising them the blessing they will receive when they share a bed with him.

Malawian prophet Bantry promised this young lady that she will get married if she share a bed with him, fortunately, the girl got approached by a decent guy and promised to marry her. Things went on with the lady and prophet even after the lady found her boyfriend, the prophet told the lady that they must continue doing it so that she will receive more blessings and get married.

Luck enough young lady got married, day after their marriage while they were on their honeymoon, the husband discovered that his wife was cheating all along with the prophet. The more ugly thing she confirmed and said she was doing it for their relationship to be successful.

It was unfortunate when the groom decide to end his honeymoon and demand his Lobola back, he was deeply hurt when finding out he was been played by a man of God.

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