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If you are looking for a perfect friend, you will end up with no friends at all. -Opinion

The old African Proverb is true! It goes search for a friend without faults and you will remain without friends.

The meaning of this simple yet powerful proverb is :

No one is perfect on this planet. Many strive to be immaculate being however there is no one who does not have a sin on their hands.

When one has an impossible standard to understand or meet others half way, tgey are simply setting themselves up for failure because the imperfect the person who thinks they are perfect. As human beings we all have flaws. Some people's flaws are more obvious than others. Some also don't have their flaws showing on the outside but it doesn't mean they don't have any.

This goes deeper to choosing a life partner. It is true that one should choose with great detail however being too picky will inevitably lead to one being frustrated and not having someone to grow old with. Every one has a good side and a bad side which can be horned to be a good side with time. Being lenient with others will make you see the good side everyone has and choose what you from from the person and leaving the negatives which you don't like

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African Proverb


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