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Strangest books for children: what are we teaching children?

Poor children. They just want to sit and eat crayons in peace, but we're always reading them stories about how they could get gobbled up by monsters, or turned into mice, or sucked down a rabbit hole into an alternate dimension. No wonder they're always crying. When you think about it, quite a lot of children's literature is just plain weird... and sometimes a little bit disturbing. And that's just the stuff that you find in the elementary school library.

Children's literature has come a long way since the Dick and Jane primers of 60-some years ago. Kids today have the luxury of turning to old favorites like Green Eggs and Ham, or to new classics like Pinkalicious. They also have their choice of books that are, shall we say, nontraditional. Quirky. Okay, let's just say it: Some children's books are downright weird. In some cases, that's a good thing; in others, maybe not so much.

Well... in all fairness to Carol Dean, children are no match for fire. And I appreciate that low-key pun with the word "match." It just feels like there could be a better way to frame this fire safety book. Or perhaps a cover illustration that doesn't make the reader feel like Lumière the candlestick is now a deranged serial killer.

Here are some of the strangest book for children:

Here are a few odd, strange, and totally bizarre books that might just qualify as the weirdest children's books of all time.

Look at the book called what she is looking at, and answer.

Maybe some writers just fail to think about a right tittle for children's books.

What do you think? Will you buy any of this book for your child?

Please answer on the comment section below!

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