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Divorce Affair

'I Prefer Using Toys Because Men Will Always Cheat' Lady Reveals During A Talk Show

There are ups and downs in any relationship. Really, it's unavoidable. As we mature as people, our circumstances change, and new stressors arise. All of these factors are beyond our control, and as significant as they are, we may become oblivious to the changes as they get ingrained in our daily lives. 

A woman has revealed why she prefers to have affairs with toys rather than men. She states that guys cheat and that she has had an adulterous relationship that has caused her to stop dating men. 

Grace maintains that her relationships have been unstable as a result of infidelity issues, and she alleges that men have cheated on her in the past. Grace thinks that a toy is preferable since it relieves her of the worry of adultery. 

Grace, for one, says she has no intention of dating anyone in the near future. Being single, she believes, is preferable to being in a relationship.


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