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Meet The First Guy Who Allegedly Admit To Have More Than 100 Ex-girlfriends In #SingleAndMingle

Meet The First Guy Who Allegedly Admit To Have More Than 100 Ex-girlfriends In #SingleAndMingle 

Source: Hashtag #SingleAndMingle twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv latest episode

Going on blind especially #SingleAndMingle and expecting your typo is just wild. The people that go on this show always say it helps people find love but we really don't know what show they're watching. We have seen in many shows of #SingleAndMingle where the match maker fail to match the couple. 

Its very rare to have two people in #SingleAndMingle who both have something the other one wants. The outcome of this show always end in tears. They barely end on the same note, other taken whilebother stoll single. On that table they should make things clear. 

In the latest episode Mzansi have already concluded before they go on a date that they don't see them dating. But only see business partnership going on a date. 

In this episode we met young lady who is single and she meet someone for the first time and is already asking is he’s ready to be a stepdad to her two kids.

Viewers were really not impressed with the potential date after he went on a date and he didn't bother doing his hair and now he's hiding it with a cap. The guy was also serious about finding out what he was planning to do.

Viewers were left disappointed by this guy who recently went on his date in #SingleAndMingle after he said that he has more than 100 ex-girlfriend. 

This guy did not get his second date after telling my potential that he have more than 100 ex-girlfriends thinking he scoring here some points.

Viewers were disappointed by this guy as they thought the guy was matured. Viewer's think he saw girls who went walking past his home in two years and he's now claiming them as ex-girlfriends.

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