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(Pictures) Different types of traditional African weddings

Africa is a beautiful continent with a rich culture. We'll take a look at some traditional African weddings and what couples usually wear.

In Ghanaian traditional wedding, the couple and the wedding party dress in kente cloth to give the feeling of royalty. There is a presentation of wedding gifts to the bride and her family at the wedding venue. There is dancing and music aplenty, as entertainment plays a big role in the celebrations.

The Venda tribe found in the North of South Africa, the couple wears outfits made from a traditional striped wenda cloth.

A classic Zulu wedding dress will include an 'isidwaba' , a leather skirt, an 'isicwaya' , a skin used to cover the bride’s breast, and an 'inkehli' or 'isicholo' , a hat traditionally worn by married Zulu women. The groom wears a covering made from calfskin in place of pants that is called ibheshu and pairs it with a traditional headband which is made from cow skin to complete the look.

At Ethiopian traditional wedding, women will often wear the dress with a gauzy shawl/scarf known as Netela. This Netela will have tibeb added to its edges, which often matches the design on the Kemis. The tibeb can either be made up of a single color or have multiple colors and patterns.

The Tsonga traditional attire is full of vibrant and bright shades of pink, yellow, purple, blue, and green. Women often wear a wraparound woven and beaded skirt called tinguvu (also called a xibelani skirt), which is usually worn when performing the traditional xibelani dance.

The igbos are rich in culture and this reflects nicely in the way they get married. The outfits the bride and groom are very unique and attention grabbing. The bride is usually decked in expensive jewelry, beautiful makeup and elaborate headgear. The groom in the same vein wears beads round his neck.

In a Setswana traditional wedding, the couple wear clothes made from a Shweshwe material.

The Maasai wedding is much like any other, except that the bride and groom might wear some items of Maasai dress such as a colourful red shuka or cloak.


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