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Opinion: Most girls develop feelings when a guy does these 4 things

Without a guy doing something out of the ordinary to attract a woman's attention, it is uncommon for a woman anywhere in the world, and especially in Africa, to show interest or signs of love to a man.

If you want a woman to love and care for you, I have some suggestions.

1. As she is with you, she should feel comfortable. 1 In the first place. She'll start opening up to you when she realizes you're trustworthy.

2. Building a lady's trust will make them feel safe, which is essential if you want them to love you.

3. She should take note of your laid-back, sweet, and romantic personality. Ninety percent of women are attracted to men who make them feel desirable and special.

4. Earn additional money Yeah, you need to be financially secure to understand that the girl wants to enter a relationship that would cause her to suffer for the rest of her life, so money is required.

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