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"Today l made sure someone's daughter woke up to uncles outside her gate." A gentleman celebrates

Marriage is a beautiful union that brings two people together to become a unified force. I believe marriage is to expand one's consciousness through pure divine love and selflessness that is not conditioned by sex or any other material benefits. When you see the reflection of God in each other, it is when you start rising.

That kind of union helps in the negation of negatives and uplift each other to a higher spiritual plane, a place of complete bliss and ecstacy that people search for in material objects, alcohol, and drugs.

I mean you have to start from somewhere and when you find that special person there is no chance to waste time. This is exactly what this gentleman did👇🏾

A lot of tweeps responded positively to this post by praising the guy for the noble thing he did. This is really commendable and l think all young men should aspire to do this.

People get married for numerous reasons such as for getting a companion, for being able to raise kids, due to family pressure, and all. 

Most importantly l think the world is a lonely place if you are not with a right person and by getting married you are choosing your partner for you.The one whom you would always want by your side. In good times to multiply the joy n happiness and in bad times to divide the pain n sorrow.

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