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Men Can You Marry These Type Of Women?


You claim what a man might ever do, a woman could do better. The construction of the body used to be for guys, but now people are adding and lifting weight and getting a ton of muscles and six packages.

All of them look really cool and many don't know, for pageants, exhibition or even wrestling. This are achieved by intense extreme fitness and medication.

I still wonder if they carry clothing and how awkward they'd be, some of them can't even get their hands down properly. How are they going to wear skirt and gown? How are they going to sport still short tops? What are they going to sew in.

See images of certain serious women constructors below;

We asked women if they were going to marry those guys, alot said no. So it's your turn boys, will you marry those girl body builders? Or are you going to be intimidated to come to them?

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