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Women are finally opening up about reasons they stay with their abusive partners, read here

Being in a relationship with a person who suddenly takes away all the doubts you had about love which were inflicted by your past relationships could never equip one for the monster side of their partners.

We've heard a lot of stories about abused women who stays with their partners even after being frequently abused, while others find a courage to leave the relationships, others die in the hands of people who are meant to protect them and shield them from the storms of this world.

While it may be hard to comprehend why would someone choose to stay with someone who treats them with contempt, we have to comprehend that, abuse begins with blackmail. An abuser will find ways to manipulate the victim and make her feel like, she's nothing without him and no one but him who cares about her and they make sure that, you see people in your life as your enemies and they find ways to gaslight the truth until you see things with the same lenses as them.

While other's may be manipulative, others splashes money on you as a way to trap you in the relationship and they take away your independence until you are completely dependent on them and they make sure, you don't see life without them in it.

Women have taken to twitter to share some of the reasons why women become slaves of abuse and why it's hard to break away from those chains.

Remember it's not easy to leave something that once gave you a home, a meaning and something that once gave you a platform to belong and feel whole, however we can try to revisit the first three months of our relationship and have a talk with ourselves about whether, are you still the same person you were before the masks of your partner fell off and whether would you allow someone close to you to be in the same situation that, you have trapped yourself into.

Being used to pain isn't normal, it's a cry for help, love shouldn't hurt and if it does, it's not worth fighting for and it's not yours to water, as there's no positive growth that shall come from it.

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