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Divorce Affair

Here is the right age to get married according to science

Science is here to save the day... or at the very least to assist you in making important life decisions.

Tying the knot is a major step, and one of the biggest concerns seems to be the timing. Have you ever met one of those desperate gals out looking for marriage just because the clock is ticking? It happens all the time.

Can you blame them, before you become all judgmental? Women are often informed that their eggs have an expiration date and that if they wait too long to find a man, all the "good" males will be gone.

The "37 percent" guideline was developed by math and science working together to determine the ideal age to marry. The best age to walk down the aisle, according to this algorithm, is 26.

That is all there is to it. You don't have to stumble around anymore, unsure if it's now or never. Getting married at the age of 26 appears to be ideal.

The figure comes from writer Brian Christian and cognitive scientist Tom Griffiths' book Algorithms to Live By The Computer Science of Human Decisions. People make the greatest selections after screening 37 percent of the options, according to their book.

According to the study, your chances of getting divorced decrease as you get older, from your teen years to your late twenties and early thirties. As you enter your late thirties and early forties, your odds of divorce increase once more. According to Wolfiger, "After the age of 32, the chances of divorce grow by 5% per year of married age. People who wait until their thirties to marry are more likely to have a difficult time in their marriages."

Teenage marriage has the highest probability of divorce, which is unsurprising given the societal shame, parental disapproval, and rapidly changing personalities that frequently result in a swift break-up and legal separation.

There's a lot of statistical noise from about the age of 26 onwards, but the divorce rate lowers modestly into the 40s on average.


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