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Are Men afraid to approach women who are not looking for anything materialistic in a relationship

So here is an inquiry, Are men frightened to move toward fruitful ladies who need nothing material in a relationship? The dating and mental master Blessing Okoro who runs an effective YouTube channel believes that the justification for why a lot of fruitful ladies don't rearward see someone and relationships is that men are shaky normally. 

In the most recent portion circulated yesterday, Blessing Okoro tends to be the motivation behind why a large number of her customers (effective finance managers) seldom track down adoration. The man consistently needs to feel like they are legends in a relationship and when that feeling of giving is forgotten about what else man can furnish in a relationship other than laying down with you? She questioned. 

She proceeded to say that she can't recall when is the last time that a man moved toward her and say he need to lay down with her. Yet, before she was effective, men would unleash destruction in her inbox offering a wide range of help yet all they need was to lay down with her. 

It's for the most part a rich man that needs to lay down with helpless young ladies if I can be straightforward, she added. Take a gander at all relationship outrages that include rich men, it's dating young ladies that are not in their "association" since they need that feeling of being known as a lord in a palace.

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