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Why Men Should Not Marry Women Over 30

“First of all, women over 30 have lower fertility.

1. If you are looking to raise a family with these old donkeys, be prepared for the possibility of having a child with Down syndrome.

2. If you marry a woman over 30, marry the penises over 30 that she had during her long life on earth. It has more bodies than a graveyard.,

women over 30 are very bitter about the wasted bonus on failed relationships that they hoped would lead to marriage. Now that you are going to marry her, she should be grateful, but she isn't. She's just angry all the time. If you marry a woman over 30, you invest everything in a rapidly depreciating connoisseur who has already lost much of its aesthetic value ...You will have wrinkles and back problems for the next 5 years.

A lot of men these days marry women in their thirties and then almost immediately, Bam! It was almost over before we started. It's because you try to make housewives from the ancestors. From the age of 30, you will have more alcohol in your refrigerator than fruits and vegetables.

3. She can shoot more shots than her peers over 30, the children have.

4. She enjoys smoking cigarettes and is addicted to marijuana.

5. His idea of ​​fun in his 30s or older is going out with girls at night.

6. At 30 years of age or older, she still insists on dating only men based on their careers.“He's a lawyer” “He's a doctor” “He's an engineer”.

7. The idea of ​​cooking for a man is a total detour for her.

8. She never forgave her father for molesting her mother or her first boyfriend molested her and now she thinks that all men are violent and controlling.

9. She likes fashion and hairstyles so much that she does not want to be called old in her circles.

10. Her job involves a lot of travelling.

11. She can easily find a parking space in Taboo than the way to the church.

12. She believes in absolute equality in marriage without sacrifice or compromise. My brother, if you find an ancestor older than 32, love yourself away from these dinosaurs.

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