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Would you take your Girl Friend Back After she Lied About being Pregnant and This

Would you take your Girl Friend Back After she Lied About being Pregnant and This

Date: 2021/10/10

Source: Opinion

Hard to believe but it is true, would you take your girlfriend back after she lied about being pregnant and said that she was sexually assaulted?

These are the questions of the decade, she belongs to the feminism group but that does not want to take the costs that come with it, like for example they want to get married and receive lobola but they do not want to do the wifely duties, like cooking and cleaning, then if that is the case they should pay their own lobola because a man cannot cook, clean and pay over 50k in cows, African people are losing their culture.

The future looks shaky for our young boys who will not know their tradition, if you give her money she must be able to cook and clean if not rather buy it and move forward because you are likely to lose anyway as a man.

That is why you see white people dating black women, they make them cook, clean, and wash their clothes while their white wives sit at home and do many cures and toes, then the African woman thinks that she is a feminist forgetting that when she goes into the white family they are going to make her a domestic worker, its been there for 100s of years that is why you see light skin children in black communities.

African man needs to learn to be strong as the system is set up against them, they should learn from Nigerian men who still can control their women to this day because they are still the breadwinners, unlike other tribes where men are dead beats and are controlled by their ladies and when things go wrong they still take the fall because they chose not to use their brains. I personally would not take her back after she makes up such lies. 

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