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I Sent My Child Some Money But My Baby Mama Did This With It (read chats)

As you all know that every relationship has its ups and downs, After being in a good relationship for 5 years it was filled with a bunch of common lies and unfulfilled promises. Cheating and a lot of bad things in the last two years I got to that point I realized I had enough and it was time to leave, I had to get over the relationship, so when I told him about the idea of ​​I was dating he didn't like it, so we have become so united that it did not stop me the way I left.

 So when I left the relationship, I took about a week from that which is why I want to cool off a little bit of what we experienced in the relationship. discuss how we need a single parent because I understand that even though we had arguments the child is mine and he should do the right thing.but he just shut me up right away.

 So I decided not to let him shut me up like this, I sat down and thought I had to have more there for my son to enjoy it or not. Realizing that he was a man who hated drama, I went to his office and offered him money (R350) to pay for his schooling. I also promised to send more money to the child over the weekend, I was surprised that he did not insult me.

 Long story short. After knocking at work the same day, he sent me this on WhatsApp (read the chat below).

 As you can see I tried to take the initiative to raise my child, yet he pushed me back all 10 steps because of the differences between me and him as parents. Would it be a special idea to continue sending the closing money that I promised to send until he changed his mind or are there other options I could use in this way?

 If you are in this situation, what can you do to help your friend do the same? Please share some of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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