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What every woman should know about domestic violence.It is enough

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Domestic violence is common in Australia.

It is a pattern of abusive behaviour through which a person seeks to control and dominate another person.

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Domestic violence does not take the form of a single incident. It is ongoing behaviour that gradually undermines the victim’s confidence and ability to leave the violent person. The severity and frequency of violence often escalate over time.

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This violence takes many forms, none of which is mutually exclusive. While physical violence may be the most visible form, others such as sexual, emotional, social, spiritual and economic abuse can be equally harmful.

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Domestic violence is common in Australia. It is complex, and different from other forms of interpersonal violence.

Where does it happen?

Domestic violence happens in all kinds of relationship including family,married couples and intimace.

When domestic violence occurs between adults in heterosexual relationships, research shows that men are most likely to be the perpetrators and women the victims.

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When the violence occurs against children in families, research shows that parents and step-parents are most likely to be the perpetrators.

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Children and young people also experience violence when they live with and/or witness violence between other family members.

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