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My Friend Cut Off Her Engagement Because Her Boyfriend Proposed With A 10K Ring - Lady Shares

When it comes to relationships and the way we are as individuals in society, one of our major problems is that we have given money a value it just doesn't deserve, especially to things that have far more significance than their monetary value.

In a recent social media post, a woman detailed how her friend ended her engagement to a man when he proposed to her with a $10,000 ring. Why would she make such a huge choice because of an engagement ring that only cost her 10,000 Naira? That's frightening to me. In other words, what difference does it make if the ring is made of 10 carat gold or not to their marriage's success?

"My buddy was engaged, but she called it off after her fiancé proposed with a 10,000 naira diamond ring. If you ask her how she knows it's worth 10,000, she says she seen it on an Instagram post from a merchant earlier. What on earth are you thinking of?"

"Would you get a ten thousand naira ring to propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend? Because this is what we've been hoping for, the proposal went horribly wrong because to the guy's poor selection of ring. That sort of ring may change color in a matter of weeks, but she should have accepted it because some people don't bother proposing with rings at all; they simply say it verbally and then go on."

"Despite my dislike for a ten thousand ring, I hope you don't discard this. This proposition has been reconsidered by Mojisola, who I know can view it."

"Thank you for letting her know; I've met him previously and he's a nice man. Very mellow and kind in demeanor. I'm not sure why he gave her that ring, but I do know he's a decent man."

"Alternatively, are you in favor of gold rings made of 10 karats? To make a romantic proposal to the person you love?"

What are your thoughts?

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